cyclone dreaming turquoise

Cyclone Dreaming is about the power and majesty of Nature. A cyclone is an unstoppable force. As a cyclone approaches, anticipation builds. At first, the wind is a light breeze. Its strength begins to grow. And then the cyclone arrives. The cyclone turns everything upside down. It smashes everything. It rearranges everything. It does not care about our values, our possessions. Nothing can stand in its way except the sea itself and the mountains. Everything else is destroyed. And then almost as suddenly as it has arrived it moves on and is gone, leaving stillness.


available sizes:

60cm x 60cm – prices from $1260.00

60cm x 90cm – prices from $1890.00

60cm x 120cm – prices from $2520.00

90cm x 90cm – prices from $2835.00

100cm x 100cm – prices from $3500.00

120cm x 90cm – prices from $3780.00

120cm x 120cm – prices from $5040.00

120cm x 180cm – prices from $7560.00

150cm x 75cm – prices from $3937.50

150cm x 90cm – prices from $4725.00

180cm x 90cm – prices from $5670.00

Custom Sizes – from $3500 per m²